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In this document, we deep dive into what a Behavioral Benchmark is and how to interpret the Benchmarks Report.

In this document, we outline how you can use the Comparison Report to foster greater understanding of individual and team dynamics for a team.


This document outlines our approach to dissolving conflict, and how you can use the E3 to heighten awareness and understanding.


This document outlines how to use the E3 to hire.

Use this Coaching Workflow as an additional resource to guide the discussion during an E3 Review session. This guide primarily uses the Coaching Report to guide discussion.

This document outlines the steps to conduct an E3 review, along with additional approaches.

This document outlines simplified high and low definitions for all 21 behavioral scales.

This document outlines the basic scale definitions for all 21 behavioral scales.

A comprehensive guide to the 21 behavioral scales that includes basic, high and low definitions, potential insights, growth recommendations, tools & behavioral questions.

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