Clarity Connects

Join our ongoing training workshops to gain clarity on how to use the BE Platform to hire better and grow leaders and teams. 

Upcoming Workshops

Starting Friday, July 19 | 12-1 PM CT

Bi-Weekly Office Hours

Drop into our office hours! Whether you're seeking guidance, have feedback, or simply looking to connect with us, these sessions are catered to your unique needs and goals. It's also an opportunity to learn how other organizations are using the E3!

Tuesday, July 23 | 12-1 PM CT

Beyond the Line Chart: An Overview of the BE Platform Reports

Whether you're new to the BE Platform or looking to enhance your understanding, this session is tailored to expand your awareness of all the reports, and how to best use them to hire and grow your people. With a better understanding of all the tools available within the BE Platform, you will be able to utilize them to support your individual and organizational goals.

Weds, July 31 | 10:30-11:30 AM CT

Scale Insights:
The 21 Behavioral Scales

In this session, you will gain an advanced understanding of the scales, including how groups of scales work together to provide deeper insights into an individual's E3 results. You'll learn to consider how one scale might influence or enhance another, enabling you to interpret E3 results in the context of the relationships between the scales. This holistic approach is where the true power of the tool lies.

Wednesday, Aug 7 | 11-12 PM CT

Intro to Coaching:
How to Conduct an E3 Review

Integrating E3 data into coaching conversations with employees and clients can at first seem challenging. In this session, we'll provide a step-by-step guide to help you effectively use the tool and seamlessly incorporate it into your daily practices. By beginning with these steps, you'll feel empowered to develop a flow that aligns with your communication style, organizational culture, and employees' needs.

Thursday, Aug 15 | 12-1 PM CT

Scale Insights: Understanding the High Self-Critical Score

Individuals that score high in self-critical tend to critically assess their behaviors, often downplaying their strengths and magnifying perceived weaknesses. Because of this bias, this score requires a different, more intentional coaching approach. In this session, we will dive deeper into what it means to be high self-critical and outline a strategy for facilitating conversations that will help these individuals to see themselves and their gifts more accurately.

Thursday, Aug 29 | 12-1 PM CT

The Conflict Report: How to turn People Problems into People Solutions

People problems often arise from miscommunication, misunderstanding or lack of awareness about the perspectives, needs and motivations of others. By increasing understanding among conflicting parties, it becomes possible to address underlying issues, find common ground and develop strategies to resolve current and future conflict. In this session, we will focus on the Conflict Report and how it can be a valuable tool for facilitating conversations aimed at preventing and reducing conflict.